Last Day at the Brewery

Final handover, process review from grain to glass, and fresh, warm donuts. Somehow I missed the let’s all get drunk, eat and celebrate part, but I will be ‘there’ a few days a week as I am getting use of office space during the discovery and planning phases. So there will be plenty of time to have a few beers with the old team.

Taking a few days off now for a mental health break. Really, it will be a mindset shift. I work for me now. Well, my family and likely the bank, the investors… I am very much looking forward to this. I am much more prepared to do this than I was just 2 years ago when I took that first leap out of the cube farm. What I have now are a bazillion questions and a dozen answers for each.

Where will it be?

Do you have a name for your brewery?

How big?

Sounds like I am back in beer school. Lot’s to do. Lot’s more to learn. Thanks to every one who has been a part of the ride so far, we are just beginning.

Twist the wick, dump the clutch, time to burn rubber.

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