Then there were numbers

Lost in excel. I have been researching business plans, pro forma, cost of goods etc etc etc… for the last couple of years. I have accumulated dozens of samples and templates, but I never could make sense of it all, until now. Starting fresh, I decided to create my own from scratch. It is important to understand where those made-up numbers came from and how to manipulate the figures into a plan that works.

As I have learned in the last two years, most of the head brewers work is behind a desk. There is a lot of planning and number crunching to do to brew beer. In order to make your dream come alive, you need to analyze the numbers, plan, make budgets… Endlessly. After the estimated numbers are on the page, then it is time to research for the actuals. Make tweaks. Rearrange. Re-analyze. Rinse and repeat.

Need a break from Excel and switching over to Word and research. So there’s the market, local market, industry and …

I need more coffee.

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