R8T Urban Assault Vehicle

The R8T – Urban Assault Vehicle aka The Runt

The Runt
The R8T aka “Runt”

Started life as a 1984 R80RT, with the Previous Owner removing the fairing and some “cafe” mods including a Staintune exhaust. Ok that’s not really a cafe mod, but nice sounding exhaust system. There are some road rash here and there – center stand and head covers have some gouges and a small dent on the tank, but it adds character.

Registration is current.

List of what’s been done:

  • Stripped down to frame.
  • Powder Coated: frame, swingarm, most of the engine covers, fork lowers, center stand, upper fork bracket, crash bars (not installed on bike).
  • Carbs rebuilt
  • Rear Engine Seal Replaced
  • fork rebuilt, one leg has a small leak that some silicone has taken care of. Common for the drain bolt to strip, and find one that hasn’t already been stripped.
  • original paint
  • seat replaced with BMW TIC Solo Seat (Aftermarket)
  • Front fender removed (can send with bike)
  • Rear inner fender trimmed
  • aftermarket turn signals and rear tail light.
  • Rewired bike using stock controls.
  • Installed m-Unit
  • Installed Acewell Speedometer. Have the original instruments which work fine. Never informed DMV of the odometer switch over.
  • G/S Style handlebars and dirt bike grips.
  • Key relocated to handlebars
  • New battery, fuel lines, petcocks, all fluids, filters and brake pads
  • Steel braided brake line
  • New head bearings and swingarm bearings
  • Snowflake wheels were powder coated black from PO
  • New TKC’s
  • New Side stand
  • New header pipes with single cross-over.
  • Fork gaiters
  • Stainless Steel bolt kit
  • Plug wires, plugs, rectifier, regulator updated/replaced.
  • Lots of scrubbing and cleaning.

There are still a few more things that I would like to do, but the bike runs and I haven’t made the time to go back and do. I have worked on my own bikes for some time, and this was my most ambitious project to date. This was my first full wiring build, some things could be cleaner. The m-Unit makes everything pretty easy to diagnose and fix if needed. No mods to the engine and drive train so regular BMW maintenance is the same, just made everything else a bit more reliable and cleaner. The mods will piss off purists, but it is not their bike.

  • Ignition switch connections covered. Not too secure. I used an on/off toggle switch when I was wiring to make it easier.
  • wire oil pressure switches to Acewell Speedo.
  • Tray/Bracket for the m-unit. Basic bracket clamped under the seat to hold the electronics. Never could decide on what I wanted to house it. The Seat will lock with a key, so its hidden.
  • remove crossovers from stock exhaust and re-install.
  • reinstall ‘grease gun’ fork damper
  • DR front end with 21″ wheel…
  • Rear shocks are fine. Replacing was on the wish list.

If interested, I still have many of the stock parts – saddlebags and mounts, engine bars, front fender, side panels. Guessing I will find a ton more take-offs parts hidden in the garage.

Short Video of the old girl running for the first time in a long time…